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Activon Medical Grade 100% Manuka Honey Gel Tube Natural Healing of Wounds 1 Pack

Activon Medical Grade 100% Manuka Honey Gel Tube Natural Healing of Wounds 1 Pack

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Discover the healing power of Activon's Medical-Grade Manuka Honey Cream – a revolutionary solution for advanced wound care. This sterilized and filtered gel dressing, crafted with meticulous care, harnesses the natural benefits of 100% medical-grade manuka honey to provide a moist healing environment.
Our unique formulation creates an osmotic effect, effectively pulling harmful tissue away from the wound bed while eliminating odors without masking the wound. Experience faster healing, reduced infections, and minimized scarring, all while gently nourishing your skin.

  • Wound care: Now heal your wounds with this 100% medical-grade manuka honey cream from activon. Providing a moist healing environment this gel dressing reduces infections and minimizes scarring while gently nourishing the skin.
  • Powerful: Manufactured with care this sterilized and filtered wound gel creates an osmotic effect to pull harmful tissue from the wound bed and eliminates odors without masking the wound while facilitating faster healing of injuries.
  • Benefits: The 100% natural manuka honey is suitable to treat open wounds debriding the necrotic tissue and remove dead tissues in sores for a quick healing process. It does not absorb into the bloodstream which makes it safe to be used by diabetic patients too.
  • Natural treatment: This manuka honey gel can be applied to any wound such as leg ulcers diabetic ulcers infected wounds necrotic wounds graft sites chronic injuries slough burns and cavity wounds with the action of autolytic debridement.
  • Ingredients: Our wound dressing gel is known for providing a moist environment for the fast healing of wounds. Containing 100% medical-grade manuka honey with no added preservatives this filtered and sterilized wound gel is safe to use by anyone.
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