MedAir Elite Usage & Maintenance

We appreciate your interest in the MedAir Elite mattress. In this article, we will be covering the functions and care procedures we believe you should know in order to maximize your experience with your mattress and pump.

Getting Started

In order to have a better understanding of the parts within your MedAir Elite Mattress and Pump, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the components below which have been sourced from the included user manual.

Now that we have covered the parts of your MedAir Elite Mattress and Pump, let's take a closer look at the pump and its important functions. Below is a diagram of the control panel located on the face of the pump.

From left to right, let's cover each function button:

  1. Remote Receiver Window: Receiver for remote signal, Don't cover it.
  2. Normal Pressure Indicator (Green): When the green LED lights up, the pressure inside of air mattress reaches the preset pressure setting.
  3. Low Pressure Failure Indicator (Yellow): When the low pressure LED lights up, the pressure inside of air mattress is below normal. During your initial inflation of the mattress, the Low Pressure LED will illuminate until the set pressure is reached. (approximately 45 minutes)
  4. Pressure Adjustment for Alternating Function: The up arrow increases the weight setting, down arrow decreases the weight setting. A higher weight will support the patient with increased mattress pressure. The setting reference is given as LBS. Please consult your physician for a suitable setting or refer to the reference pressure setting table below:
  5. Weight Display Window: Displays the weight setting. Up Arrow to Increase. Down Arrow to Decrease.
  6. Pressure Display Window: Displays the pressure of the cells in the mattress.
  7. Panel Lock Key: The user may lock or unlock the key panel by pressing the key for at least 3 seconds. If there is no interaction with the panel for 2 minutes, the panel will Auto Lock the pump to the current setting.
  8. Sitting Mode: The Sitting mode button will suspend the alternating function and set the pressure at 80 mmHg. This will last for 30 minutes before returning to the alternating function. The user may press the button again to return the alternating function.
  9. Maximum Firm Function: The Maximum Firm button will suspend the alternating function, and set the pressure at 60 mmHg, this will last for 30 minutes before returning to the alternating function original setting. The user may return to the original alternating function settings by pressing the button again.
  10. Alarm Reset Functions: For initial inflating fail Press alarm mute button to temporary suspend the alarm. If the situation does not resolve in 20 mins, the alarm will resume again. For low pressure alarm Press alarm mute button to temporary suspend the alarm. If the situation does not resolve in 20 mins, the alarm will resume again. Power Failure Alarm: During power failure, the Alarm LED light will flash and a buzzer will notify caregivers to take appropriate action. By pressing the alarm mute button both buzzer and LED will cease.
  11. Alternating Cycle Time Function: Press the button to set the cycle time, the time indicators above will show the cycle time setting with an illuminated LED light.
  12. Static/Alternating Function: The static/Alternating button will stop the alternating function and all of the indicators will light up. The pressure will automatically set to the same as the alternating function.


These are the functions of the MedAir Elite Pump. The remote shares many of the same functions as the pump and offer wireless connection with the pump. Please see below for a diagram which shows its functions.


Caring for your Mattress

Wipe-down the mattress with a damp cloth pre-soaked with warm water containing a mild detergent, or chlorine bleach followed by an approved intermediate level disinfectant. The mattress top cover may be completely removed and washed as laundry. Please wash with water temperature indicated on the laundry label; however, it's recommended that the user follows the established policy to determine the time/temperature ratio required to achieve disinfection. The cover may also be cleaned using sodium hypochlorite diluted in water. After cleaning, please avoid dust and proximity to dusty areas and all parts should be air dried thoroughly before use.



General Maintenance

1. Check main power cord and plug for any abrasions or excessive wear. If found DO NOT USE.

2. Check mattress cover for signs of wear or damage. Ensure mattress cover and tubes are attached together securely & correctly.

3. Check airflow from the quick connector. The airflow from the connector should alternate every half-cycle time if it's in alternating mode.

4. Check the air hoses for kinks or breaks. For replacement, please contact MedWay Group.

6. Maintenance frequency: before or after each use, or once a week during use. Regular inspection and maintenance are encouraged to keep the mattress and pump in proper working order.


Additional Maintenance 

  • Fuse Replacement: 
    • 1. Disconnect the power cord from wall electrical power when a blown fuse is suspected.
    • 2. Remove the cover of the fuse holder with a small screwdriver.
    • 3. Insert a new fuse of the correct rating and replace the cover of the fuse holder. The fuse should be rated as T1AH/250V type and VDE approved.


  • Air Filter Replacement:
    • 1. Open the air filter cap located at the back of pump.
    • 2. Replace with a cleaned filter and put the cover lid back. The filter is reusable and can be washed gently with a mild detergent and water. Dry the filter before use.
    • 3. Check and replace the air filter regularly if environment is dirty. Suggested to do it every three months.




Q1: Power is not ON

● Check if the plug is connected to wall power and that the wall power is on.

● Check for a blown fuse.

Q2: Low Pressure Alarm or intial inflating failed light is on

● Check if the Quick Connector is Lightly secured.

● Check to make sure CPR valve is closed.

● Check if all tubing connections along mattress are secured.

● Check if the air hoses are kinked or broken.

Q3: Power Failure Alarm is on

● Check if the power is on.

● Check if the power cord is connected properly.

Q4: Patient is bottoming out

● Pressure setting might be inadequate for the patient, adjust comfort range 1 to 2 levels higher and wait for a few minutes for best comfort.

Q5: Mattress is loose

● Check if all the snap buttons or straps of mattress are all securely fastened to bed frame.

Q6: No air produced from some air outlets of the air tube connector

● This is normal since there is alternating mode. Air outlets take turns to produce air during their cycle time. If the above information does not solve your problems, please contact MedWay Group directly at 1-888-5MEDWAY toll free.


Error Codes


If you still have questions regarding your MedAir Elite Mattress or Pump, please give MedWay a toll free call at 1-888-5MEDWAY and we will be happy to assist you with your questions and concerns.


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